Drawn by a visitor to my tasting room in Los Alamos, California.

My name is Sonja Magdevski and I am a winemaker.

This is an affliction I wish on anyone who desires a daily challenge full of unforeseen obstacles, financial imbalance, incredible dirt, amazing people, wonderful beverages, too many stories, tons of hard work and way too much fun along the way.  You have to be confident in your decisions but not let your ego get in the way.  

My brands are Casa Dumetz Wines, Clementine Carter Wine + Ciders and the Feminist Party.  Casa Dumetz Wines is now focused on its original intention of Pinot Noir.  Clementine Carter is all about Rhones, primarily Grenache.  And The Feminist Party is a collaboration with my friend Amy producing blends.  Though it may not sound like it, I am a small producer - some say boutique, others say micro, artisanal, handcrafted or any number of other overused terms used to say you work your ass off in the hopes of gaining some respect - with production hovering just over 1,000 cases. I have made much more and I have made much less and this number feels just right.  

I make wine in Santa Barbara Wine Country on the California Central Coast and work exclusively with the incredible fruit grown within its cool climate boundaries farmed by wonderful vineyard managers, some of whom still negotiate with a hand shake.  This is an extraordinarily special place that can grow almost any varietal, though my love affair is with Grenache in all of its forms - blanc, gris, and noir.  I have a tasting room in Los Alamos, Calif., and also own a craft beer tasting room next door called Babi's Beer Emporium, named after my grandmother who loved to entertain, God rest her.  

I have made wine in various wineries throughout the area; being such a small producer sometimes requires an itinerant nature.  Though wherever I rest my barrels is my church, and the only dogma I follow here is the way of the grape.  As a writer, I have refrained from writing about wine because I wasn't sure what I wanted to say.  After years of internal fighting with myself, my insides won.  I needed to finally be witness to myself.

If you wish to contact me please email to:  smee@casadumetzwines.com.